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CMI Extended Abel Jets Edition

Work has commenced on a new version of the CMI - Extended map. This new version will be exclusively for Abel Jets to accomodate a massive fleet expansion. The ideas for this latest expansion came from the existing masterplan by Turbofan, plus lots of input from HQ members FreezingFalcon and ThomasCook221.

This version will come with brand new terminals and concourses at both, MXA and LNB, as well as a new runway at each airport. Additional upgrades and improvements to other areas of each airport have also been planned. Below is a full list of planned items (not worked on in any particular order).

At Mandiola International Airport (MXA):

  • Current RWY 18R-36L and associated ILSs/PAPIs to "center" designation
  • Build new RWY 18R-36L with complete runway lighting
  • Build associated taxiways and cross-field connectors for new RWY 18R-36L
  • Edge lighting for new taxiways
  • ILSs/PAPIs for new RWY 18R-36L
  • Re-built Terminal 2 for Abel Jets with associated ramps and taxilanes
  • Build new Terminal 1 for Skyteam, OneWorld (non-Abel), Star Alliance and other carriers with associated taxilanes and ramps
  • J-lines for all gates at new T1 and T2
  • New north side connector taxiways linking north side of T2 to RWY 18L
  • Green centerline lighting for all T1 and T2 alley taxilanes
  • Relocation of Fire Station #2
  • New terminal access/exit roads for both T1 and T2
  • Parking lots for T1 and T2
  • New Abel Jets Platinum Terminal with five gates for any aircraft size
  • New 400 ft (122 m) ATC Tower
  • A few additional items (new AWOS etc)

At Linbury International Airport (LNB):

  • Current RWY 07-25 and associated ILSs/PAPIs re-designated to 7L-25R
  • Build new RWY 7R-25L with complete runway lighting
  • Build associated taxiways for new RWY 07R-25L with edge lighting
  • ILSs/PAPIs for new 7R-25L
  • Demolish existing Terminals and Piers A and B
  • Build two new landside terminals, one for departures, the other for arrivals
  • Build five new concourses
  • New central ramp area for new terminals and concourses
  • J-lines and alleyway taxilanes for all new concourses
  • Relocation of Fire Station #2
  • New terminal access/exit roads for new terminals, CMI Aviation Museum and existing facilities
  • Expansion of cargo
  • New Abel Jets Maintenance Facility (AMF - provided by Abel Jets)
  • Fire Station #3 and new Fire Station #4
  • New ATC Tower
  • CMI Aviation Museum

General additions/improvements

  • Improved sky colour
  • New Abel Jets HQ in downtown Mandiola
  • Helipad for new Abel Jets HQ
  • Getting floating city CMI Symphony around Turbot Island on a motion path

Map has been released! Get it from the YSFS Addons page!