About the author

Hello! I am Turbofan from YS Flight Headquarters, and I am an avid aviation enthusiast. I enjoy travelling, most importantly by air (of course!) and seeing new places. My love of aviation goes back a long way, so it's no surprise that I also enjoy flight simulation. I have been a member of the YS Flight online community since the YSTK days (the first real English-based fansite and forum). That was back in 2002, and I have been a fan of YSFS ever since. I have been creating original, fictional maps since 2011, and they are now extensively used by many members of the community, both offline and online. I have also repainted the Beechcraft Super Kingair 200 (though I am not known for aircraft repaints - that I will leave to the real repaint and aircraft creating masters).

I love creating maps that are interesting for the YSFS pilot to fly around, but just detailed enough to where they can be used on servers also. You'll find my maps most often on the YS Civil Aviation Server - Weapons Loaded. Just look in the "Map Rotation" section on that website. All of my maps also come with airfield night lighting, as well as city lighting for night-mode operations.