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General Release and Information Display (GRID) for 2021

The GRID below is an overview of map projects and other items that are in the planning phase, being worked on or have been released. This includes the following products: this website, Air Traffic Replay Projects (ATRPs), videos, major map updates/new maps in the works and my map toolbox. Check back at your convenience for updates to the GRID!

ProductInformationCompletion DateStatus
video icon CMI Extended Abel Jets Edition | New version of CMI-E with major changes for Abel Jets April 4, 2021 green light green light
video icon New additions to MaPS for Maps document Next update April 2021 Ready for release
video icon Release of updated toolbox with new additions Next update April 2021 Ready for release
video icon YS Database Search App | New web-based app to make searching the addon database easier Estimated May 2021 In Progress
video icon Website Overhaul | New colours, fully responsive, additional content TBD On Hold

How the GRID works - a short explanation of each column and acronyms used
  • Product = Shows a small icon of a product (see below for long-forms of acronyms)
  • Information = For maps: what is being done to the product | What is changing/being updated
    ~~ For videos: Type of video | Which airport/map | Which observation point the video will be "recorded" from
    ~~ For all other items, this section will be self-explanatory
  • Completion date = estimated date of completion/arrival date. If no date is set, this column will show "TBD" (To Be Determined)
  • Status = This will show four distinct statuses: scheduled, in-progress, delayed and for products that have "arrived" at the terminal, or have been released, two alternate-flashing green lights: green circle icon
  • ATRP = Air Traffic Replay Project
  • T-SiPs = Turbofan Silent Productions
  • MaPS = Measurements and Preparation Standards for YSFS maps (document)

Brief message for first-time visitors (click to show/hide message)

Hi! This is Turbofan from YS Flight Headquarters. If civilian and commercial flight simming is your flight of fancy, you're at the right place! I specialize in creating addon maps for the YS Flight Simulator.

I invite you to take a look around the website, including my YSFS Addon page, where you will find all of my maps. Included are two sliding image galleries so you can preview the maps. I'm not known for aircraft addons or repaints (there are amazing aircraft addon creators/modders). However, I have two repaint packs of Taskforce 58's Beechcraft Super King Air 200 to my name. You can find them on the addons page as well.

As you've likely noticed already, the GRID will show what updates/projects I have planned, am in the process of working on, or have completed and released. You can come here and check it out at your convenience. I also encourage you to check out YS Flight Headquarters (a ton of information there!) and my links page for some of the best addons out there for YS Flight!

Happy Flying!

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